Vortrag „Awareness & Feminist Campaigning“ (englisch)

Freitag, 16. Juni 16-18 Uhr

Vortragende: Alejandra Robinson del Rey
Ort: breidenbach studios

Awareness-raising strategies and campaigns of feminists:
Succeeding in today’s world of sexism and multimedia trolling
With the development of the social web and mobile technologies, the voices of feminists in every day sexism have achieved their widest reach in history. While the social media revolution has facilitated a greater exchange of experiences, increased awareness and a growing sense of unity among feminists the world over, it has also opened the doors to their fiercest detractors. At a time where feminists spend a great deal of their time and resources campaigning, they remain badly defamated by sexist trolling with terms like „feminazi“.

After looking into the current trends in sexist trolling, the presentation will look at examples of feminist campaigns and awareness-raising strategies in different parts of the world (from the local to the global). It will draw attention to the most common challenges faced by feminists but also counter reactions that can serve as role model for future activists.

Main themes:

Feminism on the social web

Feminist campaigns and local struggles

Communication of hatred