Vortrag „Feminismus in Honduras“

Samstag, 17. Juni 14-16 Uhr

Andrea Nuila Herrmannsdorfer
Ort: breidenbach studios

Challenges of feminist political organizing in the 21st century:
reflections on internal tensions and critique of young feminists in Honduras


Honduras is a highly unequal society, a backyard of U.S. geopolitical strategies, an exploited nation and one of the most deadliest places to live in the world. On the side, women have to face the historical challenge of living under patriarchy, especially those that belong to the most excluded sectors of society. Amidst such a context, the honduran feminist movement has actively and without a doubt, contributed to the transformation of womens realities. This includes unanimously positioning itself on key issues such as violence against women, sexual and reproductive health and equal rights. Nevertheless, ideological and methodological tensions have led women of different generations to diverge from what can be considered the mainstream feminist movement. As it often occurs in different parts of the world, the outcome has been the creation of different collectives, organizations and spaces of women that ultimately move throughout the entire spectrum of the feminist theory with a wider gap between each other.

This presentation will tackle the overal challenges that stand in the way for the emancipation of honduran women and some of the main (internal) criticisms to the feminist movement in Honduras through the particular experience of a feminist political organization of young women. Although predominantly local-focused, the purpose of this discussion will be to take into account the relevance of such critique beyond borders and into a much more global debate about the future of a „feminist cause“ in our era and its ideological nature.

Main themes:

– Liberal feminism and foreign (western) trends in Honduras .

– Marxist feminism.

– Feminists and party politics in the left.

– Rural women and their fight for the commons.