Regarding Barrier Poverty

Here are some thoughts on barriers during the „Lady*fest“. Of course, our goal is to make the „Lady*fest“ barrier-free and to enable all people access. Due to spatial and above all financial circumstances, we cannot completely eliminate all obstacles.

Unfortunately, we must point out that the premises in the Breidenbach have some barriers. We can provide wheelchair access to the cafe and small room. There is a portable ramp for one or two steps. Unfortunately, the upper room is accessible only by stairs, but there are always people at the information and awareness-booth that can help you to get up the stairs.
Get in touch beforehand at or on-site, if you want support – we’ll do our best to make it happen!
There will be a wheelchair accessible toilet. If you need accompaniment, contact the info point.

We can provide language support in English, Spanish, Italian and French (the list is constantly updated). For lectures and workshops, “whisper translations” or other linguistic support can be offered. Most of us are not professional translators, but we do our best. If you speak a language that is not included in the list, contact us early, then we will try to find other translators spontaneously.

Sign language
Unfortunately we cannot hire professional sign language interpreters for financial reasons, but we will try to find informal translators for sign language. Please contact us if you would like to make use of this offer. For people with hearing impairments we may be able to borrow an induction system, please contact us if necessary a few days before. On request we can also send you the texts of the lectures.

There is a “sleeping place exchange platform”. If you need a place to sleep, please contact There will also be a bulletin board on site with opportunities for networking and carpooling.

The „Lady*fest“ is free (except for a few evening events) — but we are happy about every little financial support in form of donations etc.

Children are welcome on the „Lady * fest“! We provide a place for self-organised childcare as well as toys. Depending on requirements, we can also help out with child care.Please let us know (as early as possible) when exactly (day, time) you would need care for your child: If you come spontaneously, we can try to organise care locally. Of course you can also take your children to the events.
In our small kitchen you have the possibility to heat baby food, bottles etc.; Of course, hot water is also available for free. There will also be a quiet place to change diapers.

Eat and drink
There will be daily delicious vegan food. There is also a café serving vegan cakes, coffee and other drinks at low prices.
You can get tap water for free.

Lighting effects
At the evening events there will be one floor with and one without strobe light effects.

We strive to create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Everyone should feel good (see Awareness). Should it nevertheless come to unpleasant situations, you can address us any time! Awareness team and contact persons will be clearly marked.

Invisible barriers
We also discussed invisible barriers, especially academic ones. At this point we would like to point out once again that no prior knowledge is required for the visit of the „Lady*fest“. Everyone, including and especially those who have not yet dealt with feminist issues, are welcome! Come over. Listen, ask questions or join in discussions – just as you want.

Please contact us at if you want support, have questions, want to register needs etc.